About us

about us

A New Approach to Gifting

Christina Shinn purchased The Gift Gourmet from Margaret Rodgers in August of 2021. With Margaret's assistance through the Christmas Holiday, Christina started learning from the legacy she built over the last 28 years. Margaret's mission was to identify tasteful products so that the gifts in the baskets were desirable and a beautiful display. Not only did she build her business for the customers she spent a better part of her lifetime supporting them with her service. 

Christina's background is a woven pattern in many industries but her passion and zest for people brought her desire to purchase the company as she found that online sales has been a great vehicle for consumers to find unique gifts. Her love for boutique vendors and the idea of giving was a perfect match for a dream company. Christina loves sales and marketing and putting operations together to give the customer the experience they deserve and the ease of purchase. She instantly recognized that Margaret's pairings of the different food items were a great match to having a gift that was sharable and or easy to enjoy over time.

With so many occasions birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, thank you, welcome, new home, grief and thoughtful sentiment gift baskets and boxes make for a great delivered surprise.

Christina says "It's so amazing to share the business with givers and the customers are the true owners of the company." 

She would like to thank her mother, Jennifer Soderstrom for all the love and inspiration she has put into making the bows and putting her design eye on everything. Along with also helping her through start up and beyond. She has also pulled in friends from the past to help with design. And lastly and gratefully, Locus Interactive for truly bringing the shopping experience alive. 

We all look forward to serving you in the future and thank you all for your past loyalty as we move forward know the door is always open for new ideas and great products to share and give.

Thank you for purchasing with us, there is no us without you.